The Wisdom of Failure: How to Learn the Tough Leadership Lessons Without Paying the Price – Book

Tby Laurence G. Weinzimmer and Jim McConoughey


There is a paradox in leadership: we can only succeed by knowing failure. Every accomplished leader knows there are minefields of failures that need to be navigated in order to succeed. Wouldn’t it be great to have the insights to help you prevent from making avoidable mistakes? Unfortunately, in business talking about mistakes can be taboo, and, at a certain level, learning from failure is not an option. Weinzimmer and McConoughey speak frankly about the things that are difficult to talk about the unvarnished truths necessary to become a successful leader.

Laurence G. Weinzimmer is an endowed professor of management at Bradley University.  Jim McConoughey is an experienced CEO, sought-after business development and community leadership expert, and an active fund manager for venture and early-stage capital investments.




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