The Story of Love and the Missing Lara – Book

by Leo Kiesewetter


The Story of Love and the Missing Lara is an old-fashioned love story about two people who know they are in love but keep it to themselves. Taking place at a central Ohio college in the 1970’s, the two main characters are both teachers. John Ambrose “Fuzzy” Fuzzrock is a teacher in the business department, often asked to help investigate mysteries because of his supposed psychic ability. Lara Gutwetter is a teacher of history. They gradually become very attracted to each other, and the built up love drives Lara to take drastic action that most would find unusual. Many would wear these emotions on their sleeve, but somehow Fuzzy and Lara know what is in each other’s heart–in many ways, it is the fire that keeps them together. Their story becomes entagled when Lara is found missing.

For fourteen years Leo Kiesewetter was department chairperson of business at Illinois Central College in East Peoria, Illinois.




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