Manual Labor – Book

by Dick Van Scyoc and Jan Bogle

Manul Labor by Dick Van Scyoc

Manual Labor: Feet and Shoulders Square, Elbows In, Eyes On the Target, Follow Through

Dick Van Scyoc was a high school basketball coach at Peoria Manual High School in Peoria, Illinois (the hotbed of Illinois basketball) for 28 years. He taught and coached in Illinois for 45 years becoming the winningest coach in Illinois history by unseating Arthur A. Trout. He got his start, in coaching, at two small rural farm communities. He then moved to inner-city Peoria during the civil rights movement. Through his stories, and stories of players and colleagues, Coach Van, along with his narrator, create an interesting journey that anyone can enjoy. His message to his players and students are still relevant today. If you want an easy read and love a character study, this book is for you.


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