Archon’s Gate: The Pelacia Chronicles – Book

by Scott Gamboe


Six years have passed since the end of the Third Necromancer War. But the lands have not known peace in the interim. With the king of Palimdom in failing health, and no clear heir, a brutal struggle for the throne has ripped the nation apart. And in recent months, a series of raids by Kobold soldiers is threatening to bring open warfare back to the entire continent. The Unity Counsel has sent Elac and his friends to stop the raids and bring order back to the lands. Their task is made more difficult by encounters with strange, deadly creatures straight out of ancient mythology, which adds to the growing chaos on the Pelacian Continent. Elac, Jayrne, Rilen, and the others race to solve the enigma of these incidents, a quest that will lead to a confrontation with a vile, evil power from a distant land. If they cannot shut down Archon’s Gate, the sinister forces that struggle against them will destroy their world.

Scott Gamboe was born and raised in Peoria, IL. He is a police officer with the Peoria County Sheriff’s Department, where he currently serves as a crime scene investigator and a traffic accident reconstructionist.




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